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Karaka Orchestra. 

Music improvisation with signs uses an Argentinian musical language to create compositions in real time. The “conductor" manipulates over a hundred different kinds of hand signs, and giving instructions, enabling improvisation by multiple players joined by him on stage. The only thing that is rehearsed is the arduous training in improvisation resources and communication skills using this sign language. During the concerts, musicians, instruments, conductor and audience are merged spontaneously and play being-free together to produce powerful and danceable music


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Welcome to Karaka Orchestra: Where Rhythms and Melodies Converge

Discover the rhythmic heartbeat of music at Karaka Orchestra, a unique fusion of percussion workshop and musical ensemble. Led by the visionary Argentine artist Chucho Bruno, renowned for his years in film scoring and advertising music for global brands, Karaka Orchestra is a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition.

Chucho Bruno, with a background in sound design

 and performances for prestigious grants in Sunshine Coast,  as well as his role as a pivotal figure in The Shelter S.C and co-director of the acclaimed events Morph, SHLTR CLTR INC, guides this collective of musicians towards new frontiers of musical expression.

Karaka Orchestra isn't just a musical entity; it's a vibrant community where musicians of all levels come together to learn and grow through a contemporary sign language. This language, thoughtfully designed in South America, empowers the orchestra to seamlessly weave intricate rhythmic and melodic concepts into their ensemble performances.

For the past year, Karaka Orchestra has flourished along the Sunshine Coast, its roots deepening with each passing day. The workshop, a weekly gathering, hosts intimate classes of 8 to 12 individuals, fostering a supportive environment where the art of music takes center stage. From rhythm enthusiasts to melody aficionados, Karaka Orchestra caters to all who seek to expand their musical horizons.

As a testament to its vision, Karaka Orchestra stands ready to enrich festivals and events with its one-of-a-kind performances. Seamlessly blending modern techniques with timeless melodies, the orchestra captivates audiences and transports them on a journey through sound and dance.

Join us in celebrating the power of percussion, the allure of melodies, and the community of music enthusiasts at Karaka Orchestra. Experience the magic of Chucho Bruno's expertise, as he guides us towards a harmonious future where music transcends boundaries and unites souls.


Learn this Argentinian musical sign language to communicate and work together to spontaneously create music. 

This workshop consists of creating a comfortable and safe place to explore various jamming methods with other musicians.

Workshop content:


  • Sign language technique 

  • Rhythm concepts (Subdivision Binary and Ternary) 

  • Instrument roles for particular music genres 

  • Ensemble's Improvisation structures

  • Harmony concepts

  • Polyrhythm


Every Tuesday and Wednesdays from 5pm


Sun City Gallery, Noosaville. (Wednesday)

Sociaal Studio, Coolum Beach (Tuesday)


$150  per month // $45 per lesson

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