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Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Chucho Bruno is a music producer who currently resides in Sunshine Coast, QLD. His musical journey is characterized by an unwavering quest for atmospheric soundscapes and genre crossovers, drawing inspiration from Afrobeat, jazz, soul, Latin rhythms, and film music. His creative process thrives on perpetual evolution, refusing to be confined to a single concept.

With a lifelong commitment to the music industry, he has explored various artistic avenues, including film scoring and studio production. He has collaborated with local multidisciplinary artists with the intention of exploring new art forms, such as visual arts, sound design, and dance performance. For instance, he worked with Dance North Australia, directing a percussion ensemble for the mesmerizing performance 'NOISE' at the Horizon Festival.

Currently, he is working on a new album 'VOLUME I" in collaboration with Yama Nui Records and Stonewax, which will feature a fusion of two timeless tracks and six original studio compositions.


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